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Hi, I'm Alan Barry and welcome to 'Alan Barry Coaching' 


I love working with people to help them better understand themselves and realise their goals.


As an International Certified Coach, I will offer structure, support and loads of encouragement so that you can build the confidence and enjoyment you are looking for to achieve success in your personal and professional life. 

Life is challenging right now!  Whilst the world struggles to come to grips with the impacts of the Pandemic and as we navigate through 2021, many of us have been reflecting on our own lives and those of the people we love, in order to work out what's really important to us and how to live more balanced lives.

Long before Covid-19, there was plenty of talk about the need to change the way we live so that we can have healthier lives with more happiness and meaning. Our experiences with the Pandemic has reinforced the importance of building a future where our physical health and mental resilience are at the forefront of our minds


How can you take advantage of the opportunities in your life so that you feel more in control and build the kind of future that is important to you?


Help is at hand!


Work with me and I’ll provide structure, support and loads of encouragement help and support you to: 


Develop a clear understanding of what’s really important to you and how you want to live your life.

        Identify your aspirations and goals and how to make the appropriate changes to ensure               these goals and objectives are achieved, leading to a healthier, balanced and more                       satisfying personal and professional life.


Please get in touch!  I offer an initial ‘absolutely-no-obligation’ chat for you to ‘meet’ me and simply understand more what a coaching programme is and how it can benefit you.


Now is the time to invest in you!

Alan Barry