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I love getting feedback from clients about the work we do and its impact.  It reinforces why I love what I do……



“I started the coaching sessions with Alan a few months ago. When I first started, I was overwhelmed with my various roles as a worker, mother and student. Alan helped me identify my values and set holistic goals based on these values. I have found the coaching sessions extremely helpful. Alan asks a lot of great questions that help me think about my current situation and how to improve. Thanks to Alan I currently have a better work-life balance, and I am confident that with his support and guidance I can achieve my professional and personal goals”

“I have found having a coach an extremely positive experience!! Alan provides the tools to help shape thinking, not only professionally, but by taking a holistic approach to life. He provides a positive environment where I have been able to think about some of the bigger questions around career and aspirational goals. Alan helps by giving some structure to my thinking, without ever telling me what to think. Overall, now when I’m planning my future, this is a very positive experience (and not daunting), which is awesome!!!”

“Working with you through this process has been amazing and I will always be grateful for your help and patience!  You have helped me look at my life, not just my career, through a different lens.  By focusing on my values you have helped me recognise what I find important, and the aspects of my life I need to adjust / improve so they are more in line with my values.  I have a long way to go but feel like I've made some big gains over the last couple of months.  I am starting to first identify what is important to me, and making sure my decisions are aligned to my values, not only in my career but in life in general, which will make life much more rewarding.  I feel like my energy is starting to change, you have helped me learn to reframe everything,  I am now much better at focusing on the positives, and am not worrying (so much) about things I can't influence”

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