How does it work?


It’s easy really! I offer a personalised programme for you...

We have an initial chat.

Thats all it is - just a chat so we can meet each other and you can find out a little more about the coaching programme and the benefits for you.

There is no charge for this chat and no obligation for you to go any further.

Following the call, I'll outline the key things we talked about and include a suggested coaching programme.

If you decide to work with me, we agree on the programme including timings and cost.   

Your coaching programme begins....

What a Coaching Programme might look like for You?

  • Initially we work together to establish where you are at and define what you want to get out of the Coaching.  After some exploration, you set goals – which are essential so you know what direction you are heading in.


  •  As part of the programme, we brainstorm options and possibilities  for your action plan. This is an essential part of coaching – as you  identify possible ways forward.


  •  At each session you create and commit to your action plan for the  upcoming period.


  •  We celebrate your successes and delve deeper into the areas where  you are not moving forwards.  Which actions did you complete?  Which did you not? What got in the way? This review lets us know  if  you are moving forward and pinpoints issues if you are not.      


  • During each session, I listen, ask questions, challenge and support you, offering feedback and observations as necessary. I operate as a neutral observer to help you grow.

Ultimately, as a coach, my role is to give you “a dammed good listening to” and help you create and live your best life. 



The ‘Details’


Typically, coaching sessions last for 60-90 minutes and we get together every 2-6 weeks.


All communication is at a (very) safe social distance using video/audio calls via a platform such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime etc.

All calls will be before 11am or after 7pm NZT any day of the week.


All coaching discussions are absolutely confidential and all our interactions are bound by the ICC’s Standards and Code of Ethics. 



How Long is a Coaching Programme?

It is recommended that you start with a 3-6 month time period – to allow you to get going and achieve something meaningful during our time together.


Some people have a relationship with their coach for 1-2 years and more, while some people achieve great value from just 3 months – it all depends!


My request is that you simply stay with me as long as you love the coaching experience and feel like you’re getting great value!


You can conclude the programme at any time.


                                           What does it Cost?




        I have a simple, affordable cost structure and current prices are for a limited time only.


                                          Individual coaching sessions are

                                          NZ$75 (45 Euros/40 GBP) per hour or

                                          NZ$95 (55 Euros/45 GBP) for 90 minutes.